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Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez



Real Estate


New! A spectacular OCEANVIEW big hill prepared to start to build 120 houses, or a Casino, a Community houses, private Luxury complex or a
 Castle with it's KINGDOM! 

All legal and services ready.
Reduced Price Ever
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46,410.14 m2 (11.46 acres)

Colinas de San Jorge - SALE
Features Specs Video Tour
Projects & Ideas Legal Downloads

Colinas de San Jorge - SALE   Editor's Choice

Colinas de San Jorge.
Project, Rights, Corp* and Land Sale

46,410.14 m2
(4.64 hectares)
11.46 acre

+ Item: KBY-P100830

+ Located: KinoBay
+ Beach:
+ Views:
360 grades

$ 950,000 USD
+ Actual Offers:

  $ 95,000 USD

  Extra 4,445.45 m2

San Carlos - Properties LIST - New Guaymas Sonora Mexico All details Below

An already investment of more than $500,000 USD to prepare the hill and almost ready project to start to built 120 houses, or a Casino, a Community houses, private Luxury complex or a Castle with its KINGDOM!  (Includes water public services and electricity). Amazing mountain view and ocean view (360 grades).
FULL TOUR photo Gallery Make an OFFER CONTACT


Features -  Colinas de San Jorge  BUY Opportunity

High and big leveled areas (plateaus) almost ready to build.
You can CONTROL and ENJOY the ocean, island, the mountain and KINO BAY area.

About Kino Bay opportunity

Kino Bay was founded in 1920 as a small fishing village. That village remains today as "Old Kino". Years later, New Kino became a popular destination for retiring Americans and Canadians. Today, Kino Bay has all the required services and a population of approximately 7,000 people. 75% are Americans, 15% are Canadians and 10% are Mexican. About near future and Kino bay's potential, here...

Click here.
Camping at the white sand beach.
Click here.
Public places and services.
Click here.
Beach access for visitors.

Click here.
Water front houses and main street.

Colinas de San Jorge project - Updated Satellital views
Click here.
Strategic location of the property.
Click here.
Airport and other houses below. Like live in the higher building!
Click here.
Overall view of the ocean at just 2 kms.

Click here.
Access by Project "La costera" (Highway US-KinoBay). - Coming Soon!

 "Colinas de San Jorge" in Kino Bay is a REAL project, with advancement and investment, preparation, and feasibility services approved by the government. Like no other new project. Here all information and documents.
Actual conditions - September 2010 photos
Click here.
Broad multileveled plateaus to build houses.
Click here.
Complete preparation for batches, streets and plateaus.
Click here.
A vehicle a few meters from the entrance.

Click here.
Winery of the project and the airport street.

Paper Click here. Water on the property. Water storage. View of the internal streets and leveled plateaus. INSTALLED PUBLIC WATER SERVICE

A unique project in its class in KinoBay ("Kino Nuevo") with paid for water rights to build project of up to 120 houses.

Also includes water storage investment (40,000 liters) and already conduction to the top of the hill.

Was invested in bringing electric service to the entrance of the property.

Also government "CFE" approved feasibility study for up to 120 homes.
    Geological and land preparation are ideal for building houses or large buildings. A gated community, secure and independent.
Major works completed in 2006 - Pre-urbanization works of the hill
Click here.
Strategic plateau. Almost touching Alcatraz Island!
Click here.
Several months of earthworks to create the ideal area.
Click here.
Preparation work to build houses or buildings were done.
Click here.
Field type "C" which provides security against natural disasters.
Click here.
Engineering works in progress.
Click here.
Surrounding roads in the higher area.
Click here.
Likewise, public street improvement in the area were done.
Click here.
The higher big plateaus are spectacular.
Click here.
Roads and the beautiful mountains in the background.
Click here.
Roads and plateaus at lower levels, also ocean view.
Click here.
Plateaus for lots of 200 m2 or more.
Click here.
Well leveled plateaus and our left side private service road (extra BONUS to the project).
VIDEO TOUR -  Galería Personal contact

Specifications  OPTIONS FOR BUYER + PRICE and FREE BONUS details


Click for details

COLINAS DE SAN JORGE offers to sale 46410.14 m2 (11.49 acres), in Bahía de Kino in the area known as Kino Nuevo, adjacent to "Colinas San German", both properties at north of the local airport, in the Municipality of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.


Click for details

Distance to the beach only 3 km (estimated 4 minutes drive) by one of its two entrances (B).

A - Private streets surrounding 4445 mts2 (1.72 sq miles) the property.

B - Broad streets for access to property.
C - Coast Road under construction.
      (USA-KinoBay highway).
E - Project for a new pavement boulevard to start works in 2011. From "Playa Esthela" (behind Cerro Prieto) to road junction to Hermosillo highway.

E2 - Road pavement access to the airport will be confirmed .

A - E)  Wide roads identified on the image still not pavement are maintained in good condition to drive.

(Projects published here subject to change by the government).


Click for details

Investment of more than $ 500.000 USD in preparing the ground for tourist housing project (the hill was amended extensively) to develop the roads and 7 plateaus (platforms) for lots at different elevations, with a choice of OceanView and to the mountains.

Also were paid for water rights for up to 120 homes and led the water to the site, in addition to investing in projects, permits and rights. Works and Process that began in 2004 and concluded in 2006 and being ready to go.

DOWNLOAD Master plan at 100%  PDF (183K)

Urban design can be modified by the buyer.


Property that provides a panoramic view of mountains, desert and sea mostly unable to be hampered by its natural elevation, from 16 meters to 32 meters. Which was conducted in a large movement of land in a hill terrain type "c" (rock mostly). Initially the hill had a maximum height of 46 meters, now reduced to 32 mts to bring most of lots a spectacular 180 to 360 grades view.


  • An ongoing project for development for a residential tourism.

  • Internal streets, reserve areas and plateaus for lots, already prepared.

  • In agreement with permission to work SIDUE, SONORA STATE GOVERNMENT, published in the Official Gazette of the same ("CONVENIO") and also all the paperwork, licenses and permits to the municipality of Hermosillo.

  • With water rights paid. Water tubing (3-inch ) at the entrance of the property. Water service available now. WATER for up to 120 homes or equivalent.

  • With a water storage for development (40,000 liters) already installed.

  • Feasibility of power approved by the CFE for residential project of 120 houses and now with the current availability of electricity in the property.

  • For fast access and to increase future value of YOUR property exist a preparation of a boulevard that connects direct to Punta Chueca's road (US-KinoBay future coastal highway).

  • No loans unpaid or pending taxes. Corresponding certificates are showed in next sections.


  ** FREE transfer to the buyer the rights of a private contract of sale signed and certified by a notary public for the additional land (
now private streets outside the development) that adds an extra of 4,445.45 m2 to the Land for Sale ( 46410.14 m2).



  • Water: Already Installed at the foot of the property (3 inches).

  • Electricity: Already installed at the entrance. Plus the development feasibility approved by CFE.

  • Drainage is handled as septic tanks and / or treatment plant wastewater.


  • Land use residential resort - OK

  • Licensing of urbanization - OK

  • Permission of the firefighters - OK

State Government:

Approved agreement published in Official Journal ("Boletín Oficial")

  • Draft water treatment plant - OK

  • Environmental impact - OK

  • Tourism development condominium - OK

  • Roads and land subdivision - subject to upgrade - OK

Project, security and potential.
(subject to change by the buyer)

  • Surveying - OK

  • Geological - OK

  • Feasibility to build houses or buildings.

  • Projects and development plans already done: urbanization's preparation. Internal roads, water, electricity, electricity, etc etc.

Architectural plans:

  • De.JPG'signs of several model homes, clubhouse, principal entrance, fences, etc.

Important for the buyer:

  • Can be leveraged 100% or completely changed by the buyer should only upgrade the permission with the state government.

OPTIONS FOR BUYER - LAND for SALE - Price:$ 950,000*** USD

A) You can get both at the same price. The corporation that has the project, all the rights, and owns the Land and of course THE LAND.

$ 95,000 USD

The 100% of shares will be transferred to the new owner for the same price. The corporation is clean and ready, has no employees, only handled this project and has no loans or unpaid taxes. The buyer could have the consulting services of the CEO of the actual corporation.

*** The buyer will pay the legal cost and The Notario expenses.


** EXTRA BONUS 4,445.45 MTS2 more!

FREE transfer to the buyer the rights of a private contract of sale signed and certified by a notary public for the additional land (now private streets outside the development) that adds an extra of 4,445.45 m2 to the Land for Sale  46410.14 m2.

The buyer could have the consulting services of the CEO of the actual corporation. 

 *** The buyer will pay the legal cost and The Notario expenses.


Video TOUR -  Colinas de San Jorge  BUY Opportunity 


Project and Ideas -  Colinas de San Jorge  You can adapt it !

A private small community that controls the ocean, desert and mountains surrounded.

Can be up to 120 houses or VIP luxury residential area with most of the services and commodities inside.

Spectacular ocean view that may have homes or residences in the community "Colinas de San Jorge".  


Provided by the municipality for up to 120 homes and also considered recycled wastewater to an extensive forestation and vegetation in the community.

Water treatment.

Project and plans to build a wastewater treatment in site.

Legal and Documents -  Colinas de San Jorge  Legal 100%  

Legal certificate from September 2010: "Libertad Gravamen del PREDIO"  The property has no loans and its legal sale can be done.


Legal certificate from September 2010: "Libertad Gravamen de la EMPRESA" The corporation, owner of the property, is free of unpaid loans or legal debts.


Entire project.
Geological maps, topographical works carried out, subdivision, development, architectural, construction. Everything done by prestigious firms.

Legal on business and property.
The company has legally the capability for the development and marketing of lots and is the sole owner of the property.

Approved urban project.
The whole process of project approval and works until its publication in the Official Gazette of the State of Sonora.


In the reported sale price includes the following special facilities, rights, services and furniture:

Records of permits, use of soil right for a urban project, project plans related to development of the site and ready to present updated draft to the needs of the buyer direct to the state government.

Also may be transferred to the buyer the 100% shares and the total control of the company that owns the property (only as option A), only the buyer must cover the costs that implies.

The company is aware and free of their obligations and legal documents, tax, accounting and from supplier's debts.

The company also exhibits an official certificate that shows "no Demands" and a certificate of "Land free of demands".

It further give the floor plans of various models of homes about this project, as well as clubhouse and all about a complete urban project.

And could give the purchase contract rights (all paid) to the additional 4445.45 mts2 (only as option B - EXTRA BONUS).

Downloads -  Colinas de San Jorge 
Download Business option  - PDF (2100k) BAJAR - Inversión y negocio PDF (2400k)
Download Master plan - PDF (183k) BAJAR  - Plano maestro - PDF (183k)
Download  This page Printable version - (2100k) BAJAR - Versión imprimible - (2100k)
Download  Specifications- Brief - (180k) BAJAR Resumen ejecutivo -  (181k)
Download KinoBay's area Photos -  (..k) BAJAR Fotos del área de Kino Bay  - (..k)
Download Photos of land location -  (..k) BAJAR Fotos ubicación del proyecto -  (..k)
Download Photos of  pre-urbanization works -  (..k) BAJAR Fotos del proceso de obra  - (..k)
Download Photos of services an 2010 -  (..k) BAJAR Fotos de servicios y actual 2010  (..k)


"The new Secure OceanFront Place to Invest, Live or Visit"

360 grades View


FRANcisco Escobell
Senior Consultant and President
Escobell&Co REALTY

Elevation 32 m



 . .You can contact me or our Associates.


 .We will be glad to respond all your questions. 
Also we can send you more photos, documents, options and information.


 DON'T let this opportunity pass!  

Please Let us know about your interest or comments
Contact Me:

Information & Sales: Fran Escobell
Calling from out of Mexico   =>   Phone: + 52 1 ( 662) 125-1453     
In Mexico                   =>   Phone:  ( 662) 125-1453     

Bahia de Kino (KINOBAY ) / Hermosillo Sonora, México


   "Treasures of Sea of Cortez" 


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