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Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez



Real Estate


New! A spectacular OCEANVIEW big hill prepared to start to build 120 houses, or a Casino, a Community houses, private Luxury complex or a
 Castle with it's KINGDOM! 

All legal and services ready.
Reduced Price Ever
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KinoBay  also known as  "Bahia de Kino" now features new  infrastructure and real estate developments with an endless  resource for fishing and water sports  opportunities.  Beautiful beach front  houses  nested in a quiet desert setting   with complete array of public and private services.

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A wide array of opportunities and services  of great interest to investors, residents and newcomers can be found at the "KinoBay The Portal"


Community, News and hot topics of interest to those
 who Enjoy and love KINOBAY.

Dear residents and visitors,

Last season was important because Kino Bays has new infrastructure and the global economics confirms that soon the best retirement destination for US and Canadians will be Mexico, and KinoBay has a lot to offer now.

You can see all about in our "Today's Video" and know more of new infrastructure and investments here.

Enjoy this season.
And better if you do in Kino Bay.

Best Regards.

Fran Escobell - Editor



KinoBay's member...

Now you can post on our FORUM and BLOG your comments and photos from your experiences and adventures in KinoBay. In addition we invite you to
subscribe to also receive news and announcements in your email.

We appreciate the received comments, we will continue improving our Portal  website to become it your favorite and we started to work to influence the care and sustainable development of our treasure: KINOBAY.


The next DREAMING place to live

Kino Bay has superior sand quality  than Cancun, the famous Mexican resort place in the world.

Kino Bay has more than 10 miles of
 uninterrupted lineup of beautiful beach front houses.

Kino Bay has beautiful mountain views and new developments for next housing developments  generation.

Kino Bay is just one hour drive from an full service International Airport in Hermosillo. With several airlines that have daily flight to US and most cities in México.

Kino Bay  - "A Peace of Mind" place to live or visit. No violence, No natural disasters,  No earthquakes, twisters, fires and maybe every 10 years*  a minor hurricane but no real property damages.

With just few dollars live like the rich residents in the California's coast.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Only few US people  talks about...


In US most reports are about illegal Mexican immigration but almost never talk about how thousands of Canadian and Americans are now living in Mexico (retirement)!

Fundamentals for a good investment.

Project – . “Blvd Marina and the waited marina” – We will publish here soon all about the advance of these dreamed projects. And also some other good projects. Coming Soon… 


Project – “Nautical Staircase”

An ambitious project linking investors from Baja and the United States with Sonora, embraced by the greatest natural aquarium in the world, the Sea of Cortez.

Learn more…       
Learn more…

“La Costera” highway
– a new scenery
road conjuring resemblance to the California Coastal Highway 1 and 101 - going from the U.S. border all the way to the port of Guaymas, Sonora, will showcase unexplored development opportunities, beautiful seashore and desert settings, real state developments and neighboring communities to the North American market, drawing capital gains to funds invested that will surely skyrocket if timely action is undertaken.
Learn more...

KINO’s more projects
will surely propel Kino Bay as one of the most highly coveted places for leisure and recreation. Learn more...

KINOBAY´s history at WIKI



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KinoBays Newsletter and Surprises.

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New business -  The best Ones - Important Changes and more..

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Latest news BLOG
Editor's Choice & Collaborations.

It is real:
We went to verify and a Good Surprise!
(Ags 24, 2011)
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Versión Español



Good News:
A new paved road from Bahía Kino to Punta Chueca.
(Works began July 2, 2011)
Learn more  

Versión Español



Health Care plans for US residents, coming soon in Mexico!  Will be easier to retire in KinoBAY.

Learn more   here


Recent  Magazine  about KinoBay
May-Jun editions



In response to the recent US State Dept Travel Advisory.

Sonora is SAFER than Phoenix USA!
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English version  - Spanish version
We have now the right information about The Marina Project.
Apr 27  2011 - Development & Investing


KINOBAY has now new infrastructure to promote its development (investments).
Apr  2011 - KinoBays development & Investing


KINOBAY documental from a USA TV channel.
  A paradise for retirement or visit.


The best video production ever made. The Seris and its area in Kinobay.
CLICK to see VIDEO  here


Wine Gala & Art Show:

Jan 17th, 2011 - Special Event


An extended vision and a GIFT:
Dec 19th, 2010 - NOW IS THE MOMENT!
More ... Since April 2010, posts + comments.

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